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I'm hoping to revive this community by offering a question once a week, and sometimes topics or articles of discussion. Also, the profile page has been revised and is more open and welcoming than it was. There is now only one rule, and that will only be changed at a time when this community becomes active enough to require it.

This week's question for discussion (feel free to answer here and on your own journal, if you like!)

How does your spirituality manifest these days?

Things change, after all. How different is it now compared to when you first realised you were an animist? Do you find your practices are more active than ever, or do you find, instead, that things have become dormant, or have you changed faiths, or changed the way you practice?

Is your spirituality helping you, or is it more of a dormant tool? Is it something you want to get back to, or do you sometimes feel you have too much of it! :)


Well, I realised this morning (and posted on Twitter about it), that I've been around some form of shamanism in a way that I've known about it and been involved in it for about 22 years now. That was a bit eye-opening!

These days, I'm looking for ways to instill some structure in my practice of Vilturj. To this end, I have actually joined OBOD (The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids). So far this has actually been working wonderfully well. Time spent on the OBOD studies is bringing me back to my practices of Vilturj and also making me think about how to reach out to the people around me - hence a 'housekeeping' of sorts over here too.

I still journey from time to time, but most of my spiritual Work is concerned with totem artwork, totem profiles (still have 100 to be coded into Wildspeak), and offering animal oracle readings. However, I still yearn to get back to a point where I am able to offer soul retrieval and extraction in as safe a manner to both myself and the client.

I miss this community, and I miss writing about spiritual matters as often. It can be hard to now, sometimes, how to revive my own practices in a way that's satisfying to me, because there aren't many practicioners of Vilturj out there, and most of them are within the family which makes things difficult (most of that family is not here in Australia, or no longer practice).

Hmm... I could keep on rambling, but instead, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

Looking forward to your answers!
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