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It's been wonderful seeing an uptake in activity here again. :) *waves to newcomers*


Here's today's Question of the Week, from the excellent [personal profile] faolchu_rua:

What specific teachers / guides / energies / insert word of your choice here, have been most significant to you over the years, and why? Have there been any surprises? Or any teachers or guides that you didn't expect to have?

Date: 2012-10-01 03:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] faolchu_rua
As the Question-of-the-Week er... sharer-person, I was trying to hold off to see if anyone else wanted to start, but perhaps I'll see about getting the ball rolling.

I generally use the word guide or teacher for the entities I interact with during meditational journeying, and while I have had many over the years, I'll try to keep this to those who have interacted with me more than three times.

1.) Great Horned Owl -- My primary teacher, who despite all my foibles and "falling off the bandwagon" in terms of spirituality, returns to me again and again, willing to help me become a better, stronger individual. Her lessons are often extremely difficult for me emotionally; she has no patience for the more human aspects of who I am that would hold me back: attachments (she *ate* Mouse after I'd worked with him for months, and was letting myself -- in her opinion -- get too wrapped up in his teachings), self-care (she has ripped my spiritual body open and torn things out from inside me, in a disturbing visual display that served as a tremendous wake-up call in terms of how poorly I was treating myself both physically and psychologically), and change (most recently she led me through the destruction of my earliest... spiritual safe-point as a child, and led me, through a violent storm, to something new.) Her tactics remind me very strongly of my primary god in Kemetic practice, Set. Apparently I respond well to challenges, and she certainly provides them.

2.) Black Cat Woman -- Describing Black Cat Woman is complicated, because unlike my other guides/teachers, she appears to me in many different forms. When I first met her in middle school, she initially appeared to me as a smallish melanistic leopard. (At the time, I thought this was an indication of a theriotype, something I would come to disprove as the years progressed.) However, she has also appeared as a massive melanistic jaguar when angry, a tiny domestic black cat when I needed comfort, and a dark-skinned woman with feline tail and eyes when I was struggling with issues related to my sexuality, and coming to terms with identifying as bisexual. I do feel that she relates to Bast in some way, though I have not fully explored that connection. Our relationship has changed dramatically over the years, from a childhood "imagined" friend who I could mentally talk with during the rougher days at school when I felt most isolated, to a lover, to an almost maternal, protective presence. (Hopefully this shifting of relations does not sound overly odd...) Much like Great Horned Owl, I sometimes struggle to understand why she stays around despite my neglect, but remain she does.

3.) Eastern Green Mamba - This teacher always used to appear to me in a pairing with a twin. I include them because they shocked me when I first met them in late middle school/early highschool -- I was fairly uncomfortable around snakes at the time, particularly the poisonous varieties (of which my home state has plenty). Yet this duo, despite being quite dangerous, revealed to me their own sensitivity, shyness, their preference to run rather than fight with the poison they held. I had to earn their trust over multiple visits, and came to love them in my own way as I got to know them. They would later wrap themselves around me, one on my left arm, the other around my neck, and travel with me in future journeys, at one point -- and I've still not determined what significance this held -- biting me when my journeying form was gravely wounded. I thought they were putting me out of my misery, but instead, their little bodies glowed pure white, and I watched as the "poison" now glowing white as well, coursed through my veins and restored me to health.

Other important teachers include Giant octopus, Tapir, Mouse, White-tailed deer, Wasp, and Bullfrog, but perhaps I've prattled on long enough. ^^;
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