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Alright, I'll admit it, I've forgotten to keep up with the questions of the week. Here's one though, courtesy of [personal profile] tsukikokoro:


Have you been involved in religious or spiritual activities before animism/shamanism? Or, alternatively, do you combine animism with spiritualities not traditionally associated with animism; such as monotheistic practices?

What drew you from other spiritual practices to animism, and/or, what draws you to combine animist practices with other belief-systems now?
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I'm hoping to revive this community by offering a question once a week, and sometimes topics or articles of discussion. Also, the profile page has been revised and is more open and welcoming than it was. There is now only one rule, and that will only be changed at a time when this community becomes active enough to require it.

This week's question for discussion (feel free to answer here and on your own journal, if you like!)

How does your spirituality manifest these days?

Things change, after all. How different is it now compared to when you first realised you were an animist? Do you find your practices are more active than ever, or do you find, instead, that things have become dormant, or have you changed faiths, or changed the way you practice?

Is your spirituality helping you, or is it more of a dormant tool? Is it something you want to get back to, or do you sometimes feel you have too much of it! :)


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Looking forward to your answers!
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Hi folks, and welcome (or welcome back) to [community profile] the_animist

Here's some quick questions to get everyone started off and familiar with each other.

Are you an animist? And if so, what sort of animist are you? Do you believe that everything has a soul or spirit, or just some things? Do you go as far as believing that individual words or names have souls, or do you restrict it to 'animal/plant/mineral?'

Has your beliefs in animism changed over time, or have you expanded or contracted your view of animism because of experiences or different encounters with theory or philosophy? Do you know many other animists in person or on the internet, or is it something that you experience in a more solitary way, or a bit of both?
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Basic Rules/Laws of the Otherworlds

1. Never give your true name (the name given to you by birth, or a name gifted to you by gods). Do not expect to be given 'true names' by others either.

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So, do you have anything else to add? Do you agree or disagree? Do you (as I do) feel there are exceptions to some of the rules?) Do you feel that you work by an entirely different set of rules - and if so, why?
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If you are an animist, do you believe that everything has a soul? Or just all ‘living’ things (do you include stones?) Where do you draw the line?

What do you think the soul is? Do you believe in more than one soul for each living being? Do you believe that soul is a static, permanent fixture? Or a transient creature capable of being fragmented or injured? How does your religion or spirituality or even lack-there-of influence your belief in the soul?
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How much time do you spend out in nature? This includes urban and suburban natural settings – like parks, or in a courtyard, or in a back garden. When you’re out in nature, how much time do you take to notice and experience the animals, plants or land masses around you?

Do you get out into nature as much as you’d like? Can you think of anything that holds you back from getting out (like… transportation, or work, or other problems that you might think of)?

If you like, I have a suggestion for those of you interested in shamanism, or just nature in general. Take the time to spend 20 minutes out in nature this week. It might be under a tree in the sun, or it might be in your own garden, or it might be in a park or in an area of forest or bushland or desert. You can take longer if you like, or you can go more than once. As well as responding to the questions in the prompt, take the time to write about your experience, how did you feel? Did you feel uncomfortable, peaceful, agitated, or connected? Did anything catch your eye?

Alternatively, for those who do spend a lot of time in nature already, how does it make you feel? Do you find that gardens or parks have a different feeling to forests, or deserts? Or that a local piece of land might have a more intimate or different feel to something far away?
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Afternoon, all. 


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