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It's been wonderful seeing an uptake in activity here again. :) *waves to newcomers*


Here's today's Question of the Week, from the excellent [personal profile] faolchu_rua:

What specific teachers / guides / energies / insert word of your choice here, have been most significant to you over the years, and why? Have there been any surprises? Or any teachers or guides that you didn't expect to have?
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This question was offered up by the awesome [personal profile] tsukikokoro.


What, if any, texts do you rely on for spiritual guidance? Have those texts changed over time? Are there any you're interested in exploring in the future?


As always, feel free to answer here, in your own journal, or both! Discussion is welcome and encouraged. :)
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Hi folks, and welcome (or welcome back) to [community profile] the_animist

Here's some quick questions to get everyone started off and familiar with each other.

Are you an animist? And if so, what sort of animist are you? Do you believe that everything has a soul or spirit, or just some things? Do you go as far as believing that individual words or names have souls, or do you restrict it to 'animal/plant/mineral?'

Has your beliefs in animism changed over time, or have you expanded or contracted your view of animism because of experiences or different encounters with theory or philosophy? Do you know many other animists in person or on the internet, or is it something that you experience in a more solitary way, or a bit of both?


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