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Name:The Animist
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Community description:a community for the serious discussion of animism, shamanism and animist spiritualities.
This is a community intended for any and all discussions relating to animism. Animism is - essentially - the belief that all living beings (and often non-living beings) have souls, or are ensouled. The belief is most common in contemporary shamanic and Indigenous practices, but it can also be found amongst agnostics, pagans, and many other beliefs too.

This community will likely be spirituality focused, with an emphasis on shamanism and paganism. However all are welcome.

Please attempt to be aware of cultural appropriation issues, and if you're not familiar with the term and wish to write about shamanism, consider looking up the term 'plastic shamanism' first.

You are especially welcome if you respect the land no matter where you come from.

The main rule is:

Respect each other.


Walk respectfully.
Walk wisely.
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